ARC Applications Areas

ARC covers a wide variety of applications to study exotherms across many industries. Application summaries are given in the Chemical / Battery / Oil sections of the website.

Since 1979 ARC technology has been commercially available and throughout that time the ARC has maintained its role as the World Benchmark Adiabatic Safety Calorimeter. THT has consistently maintained the technology with latest hardware and software developments. THT’s range of options extend functionality and address new application areas.

Reactive chemicals, monomers, resins, peroxides, batteries and explosives – all have the potential to produce heat by exothermic reactions, these are typically undesired reactions. When the heat generated is greater than the possible heat removal, the temperature will rise causing a Runaway Reaction. The result could be catastrophic with explosion, loss of property, even human injury or death.

The applications of lithium batteries extend from safety to in situ charge/discharge testing, abuse tests, heat capacity, performance and thermal management tests. The ARC was designed to simulate a runaway reaction safely in the laboratory. The ARC will quantify reactions with time - temperature - pressure release for any exothermic process and provides a realistic worst case simulation showing the likelihood of self heating and the potential for a runaway occurring. Only when tests are conducted in a truly adiabatic system (i.e the ARC), is it possible to scale up from the laboratory scale to any commercial scale.

Latest Papers: We are delighted to see more and more posters and papers in the scientific literature detailing important studies using ARC. A list of current abstracts is available here

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