Latest publications: We are delighted to see more and more posters and papers in the scientific literature detailing important studies using ARC. A list of current abstracts is available here. Please feel free to email us any relevant references that we have missed!

The rapid acceptance of lithium batteries as the portable power source for very many commercial & industrial application has lead to major investigation of their safety & performance. Hazard & thermal safety have always been key issues with lithium batteries, i.e.

  • Effect of heat upon the battery
  • Amount of heat produced by the battery.

The ARC has rapidly become the calorimeter of choice in this area due to its

  • Potential to incorporate batteries of large size
  • Acceptance with this area of safety studies
  • Widespread use
  • Ability to measure pressure
  • Ease of use & simplicity of data analysis
  • Potential to append specific options for battery testing

It is the latter area where THT have uniquely provided a full range of options to widen applications.

Battery components - development of safer chemistries in use;

  • Lifecycle & efficiency - charge discharge cycling
  • Abuse; shorting, overvoltage nail penetration
  • Performance; thermal management, surface area heat variation, and heat capacity determination

With not just small batteries fitting in to the standard ARC calorimeter. For Large batteries / modules / packs THT has devised

  • EV calorimeter
  • Battery performance calorimeter
  • Environment chamber calorimeter

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