Latest Papers: We are delighted to see more and more posters and papers in the scientific literature detailing important studies using ARC. A list of current abstracts is available here. Please feel free to email us any relevant references that we have missed!

 In the variety of sample types that can be tested, the versatility of the ARC is unrivalled. The ARC is uniquely able to assess the Chemical Reactivity and Runaway potential of materials from low to high energies. Sample may be tested in the solid form, liquid form or slurries, pastes and mixtures - from sub gram to above 100 gram samples. Reaction of gas to liquids and solids and testing at high pressures, testing with a flow of gas is possible, with stirring and with dosing. In all tests pressure as well as temperature can be measured.

Classic Chemical applications are in areas of

  • Organic Chemicals and Fine Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals including intermediates and still bottoms
  • Peroxides and azo materials (oxidants and dyes)
  • Monomers, epoxies and polymeric samples
  • Additives and Intermediates
  • High explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics
  • Oil, fertilizers, paints

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