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Micro Reaction Calorimeter

Micro Reaction Calorimeter

Brochures, Flyers & Specification


Carbon Capture Poster
uRC Introduction


The selection of information sheets below has been compiled over the last 15-20 years; and as such some TI sheets show data collected on previous software versions.

Calculation of Hydrolysis Kinetics
Calibration of the Micro Reaction Calorimeter
Carbon Capture
Chemical Compatibility and Heats of Mixing
Construction of Calorimetry Baseline
Dissolution by Solid Addition
End Point Determination of Acid Base Titration
Food Applications - Starch Gelification
Food Spoilage - Microbial Growth
Heat Capacity Measurement
Heterogeneous Systems
Hydrogenation at elevated pressure
Measurement of the Heat Capacity of Organic Materials
Reaction of MeOH/Acetic Anhydride using uRC
Simultaneous Titration & Pressure Measurement
Standard Sample for Micro Reaction Calorimeter
Syringe Equilibration
Temperature & Pressure Measurement
The Step-Isothermal Mode for Excipient Compatibility Screening


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