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Rapid Screening Device

Rapid Screening Device

Brochures, Flyers & Specification


RSD Introduction


Calorimetric Screening of Exothermic Reactions and Materials


The selection of information sheets below has been compiled over the last 15-20 years; and as such some TI sheets show data collected on previous software versions.

1% - 3% DTBP - a Standard Sample
20% DTBP - a Standard Sample
5% - 20% DTBP - a Standard Sample
Application of Oxidation & Ignition
Application of Rapid Bulk Mixing
Baseline and Heating Rate
Battery Safety Testing
Cryogenic Operation of the RSD: Liquid-Solid Phase Transitions in Solvents; the Natural Warming and Forced Cooling Rates
Cryogenic Operation of the RSD: Sodium Chloride Solutions
DTBP - Pressure Data
Effect of Impurity or Catalysis: Multiple Sample Analysis
Glass & Reusable Containers and Linings
Phase Transitions in Ammonium Nitrate
Sample Data: 3-Nitrobenzaldoxime
Sample Data: 4-4 Dimethoxytrityle Chloride
Sample Data: Ethyl 2 Chloroacetoacetate
Sample Data: The Swern Reagent Cryogenic Testing
Screening of Exothermic Reactions
Stability of Propellants - Effect of Aging


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