Isothermal Battery Calorimeter - PL

Cell format: Prismatic

Measure heat release under isothermal conditions during charge/discharge protocols. Designed for small prismatic cells

Isothermal Battery Calorimeter - PL

The IBC-PL provides accurate and easy testing of heat output from charging and discharging a single battery.

Heat occurring during the charging and discharging of batteries is largely due to their internal impedance. Characterisation of this heat at different operating temperatures is vital for efficient thermal mangement of cells in packs or modules.

Isothermal calorimeters have higher sensitivity than adiabatic calorimeters. Their temperature range is limited and they are not appropriate for safety abuse testing when battery disintegration or high temperatures may result.

Cell format: Prismatic Large

Study battery

  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Efficiency
  • Life cycle
Quantify heat release...

under applied load conditions with connection to external cycler.

Measure change of heat release with...
• Chemistry modification       • Applied load
• Size and shape                 • State of charge
• Environmental temperature • Age


  • Accomodate battery sizes up to 300 x 300mm; depth 20mm
  • Temperature range, tailored to automotive
    operating requirements (-5 to 70°C)
  • Accurate heat measurement down to 10mW over temperature range
  • Wide dynamic range up to 50W
  • Windows based control software, USB connection




Heat generated along with voltage data during three minute discharges on a prismatic battery at 20°C





Max Temperature (°C)                                70
Min Temperature (°C)                                 -5
Temperature Stability (°C)                          0.01

Refrigerated recirculator required                 Yes

Calorimeter chamber diameter (mm)            300 x 300
Calorimeter chamber depth (mm)                 20

Number of sample chambers                       1
Number of reference chambers                    0

RMS Noise                                                10 mW
under controlled ambient conditions
Max heat detection                                     50 W

Inegrated Cycler                                         No
Min Current                                                Defined by cycler
Max Current                                               100 A
Current resolution                                       Defined by cycler
Internal wiring (force)                                   2 ga (6.5mm)
Internal wiring (sense)                                 20 ga (0.8mm)

Heat capacity measurement capability         Yes

Heat cut out                                               Yes

N2 Purge                                                    Yes

External cycler terminals                             Yes

Footprint (Width x Height x Depth)                24 x 13 x 28 inch
                                                                  61 x 33 x 71 cm

Weight                                                        85 lbs
                                                                  39 kg

*Specification above subject to change


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