Ultra Stable Isothermal Calorimeter

Monitor decomposition of energetic materials

  • Detect heat generation in µW range
  • Low volume (4ml) disposable glass cells for solids, liquids and mixtures
  • Ecellent baseline stability over extended time period for STANAG testing
Ultra Stable Isothermal Calorimeter






Max Temperature (°C) 90°C
Min Temperature (°C) Ambient +10°C
Temperature Stability (°C) 0.01°C
Baseline Noise +/-2μW RMS
Number of Chambers 4 (2 sample, 2 reference)
Sample Volume 4ml (glass)
Max Heat Detection 500 mW
Footprint (Width x Height x Depth) 21cm x 34cm x 28cm
Weight 8.3 kg

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