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Whether you have a large or small number of samples to be tested THT offer a commercial service on all our products.

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Sample Testing

Lithium Battery

Cell / Module Thermal Analysis For Electric / Hybrid Vehicle Applications

ARC Safety Testing

Thermal Abuse: Determine the maximum safe operating temperature of the cell and self-heating rate versus cell temperature

Overcharge: Tests can be carried out at different temperature and charge rates.

Short Circuit: Cell is shorted through a low impedance.

Nail Penetration: Automated nail penetration of the cell. Penetration speed, distance and test temperature can be specified.

Temperature Ramp: Establish cell decomposition temperature. Temperature ramp at up to 5°Cmin

ARC Performance Testing

Cell Heat Capacity: Measure from -30°C to maximum cell operating temperature.

Change/Discharge Heat Release: Quantify total thermal energy released from cell/module during different charge/discharge protocols.

Cycling with multiple thermocouple measurement: Establish areas of greatest heat release across the cell surface.


Sample Testing


Process Safety, Hazard Evaluation & Thermal Stability

ARC Testing

Collect time, temperature and pressure data of any exothermic reaction in a confined adiabatic environment

Low Phi and fast tracking

Cryogenic and sub-ambient

Stirring and dosing

Gas collection and scrubbing

Phi correction

RSD Testing

Rapid screening for exothermic reaction hazards. Measure up to 6 samples simultaneously

Follow any decomposition or reaction process

Accurate measurement of both temperature & pressure over a wide range

Cryogenic / sub-ambient

Stirring and dosing

µRC Testing

Versatile and flexible, the µRC accomplishes most of the tasks of a large volume reaction calorimeter, faster, simpler, cheaper and safer.

Hazard analysis

Thermal stability

Heat capacity (Cp) determiantion

Reaction kinetics