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EVx Accelerating Rate Calorimeter

EVx Accelerating Rate Calorimeter

To implement tests with larger batteries THT have developed the EVx ARC

The EVx calorimeter is necessary for larger batteries, modules and small packs, power tools, satellite, military and associated applications. The EVx calorimeter is rugged and is sited in a secure containment vessel.

Within the containment vessel the standard ARC calorimeter (as in ES-ARC) can be used and this is regularly supplied for "Double Systems". Such a system gives versatility capable of measuring:- small prismatic, coin cell, 18650 and other larger batteries used in power applications.

With the EVx system all safety tests can be carried out as well as Battery Performance studies.

The EVx is an cylindrical calorimeter 25cm in diameter and 60cm depth.
Utilises the same electronics and software as the standard esARC, but with a larger calorimeter suitable for testing 18650 to large prismatic cells.

A larger and stronger blast box / containment vessel is supplied with built-in fume extraction.
The size of the containment vessel allows extra space for the incorporation of many options including heat capacity, multipoint option
for spatial temperature measurements, gas collection and controlled speed nail penetration.

Revision Date: 18/05/2022