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Chemical Products

Accelerating Rate Calorimeter

Devised by Dow Chemical Company in the 1970's, an explosion at a Dow UK site led to commercialisation of ARC technology. The Chemical Processing Industry has been safer from its first availability in 1980! The ARC has specific features and advantages that make it unique and preferable to all other technologies that were available at this time - and today over 40 years later this technology is still the number one choice for most people focusing in the area of quantifying exothermic reactions, effect of heat upon materials and simulating runaway reactions.

An all in one instrument THT offers the micro reaction calorimeter uRC™ with µW sensitivity and 1.5ml disposable vials. This system gives rapid determination of both exothermic and endothermic reaction enthalpies. The use of a computer controlled addition syringe allows highly accurate and repeated titration of...

THT RSD™ (Rapid Screening Device) low cost, versatile, and flexible, safety calorimeter for thermal and pressure hazard determination over a wide temperature range. Using temperature ramp methods with isothermal soak options this new system utilises unique technologies to quickly obtain temperature, pressure and heat of reaction...