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TSS -ARKS Software

Thermal Safety Software (TSS)

Thermal Safety Series - Advanced Reaction Kinetics Simulation software suite for processing of experimental data to creation of a kinetic model to simulation of chemical reactors, thermal runaways and sizing vents.  

ARKS AC (replaces ADaExpert) - software for advanced processing and analysis of THT ARC data, Also compatable with adiabatic data from DARC, PhiTec I and II, VSP, RSST and  DEWAR. It includes a data converter and offers:

  • Kinetics evaluation, the overall single stage N-order kinetics can be evaluted
  • The unique analog-free method for data correction on thermal inertia, it allows proper prediction of adiabatic time scale and correction of pressure and gas production responses;
  • The module for prediction of adiabatic Time to Maximum Rate;
  • The Vent sizing module for calculation of savety device size. It allows the choice between the J. Leung method and ISO 4126-10 Standard


ARKS FK (replaces  ForK) - software package for evaluation of formal model-based kinetics:-

  • Creation of formal conversion-based kinetic models (reversible stages, pressure-dependent rates, branched pathways, reactions with melting)
  • Simulation of well stirred BATCH reactors
  • Visualization of the effect of controls variation
  • Determination of adiabatic Time to Maximum Rate (TMR), ADT24, analysis of Thermal Stability (TCL)

TSS-ARKS is developed by CISP (ChemInform St. Petersburg) and ArkosSoft 

Revision Date: 18/05/2022