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Accelerating Rate Calorimetry in Improving Process Safety of Reactive Chemicals

Accelerating Rate Calorimetry in Improving Process Safety of Reactive Chemicals


Thursday, December 8th, 2022 
11:00 A.M. EDT USA | 4.00 P.M.  UK

Join us for a free webinar in association with AIChE, American Institute of Chemical Engineers. 

The webinar focus on our ES ARC. The Accelerating Rate Calorimeter (ARC) has been the benchmark adiabatic safety calorimeter for more than 30 years. Devised by Dow Chemical Company in the 1970s, an explosion at a Dow UK site led to commercialization of ARC technology. In this sponsored webinar, you’ll gain a clear understanding of accelerating rate calorimetry and why and how to make it your number one choice for quantifying exothermic reactions, the effect of heat on materials and simulating runaway reactions.

Whether you’re a beginning or experienced user, attend this sponsored webinar for a complete overview of what adiabatic calorimetry can offer and how it can optimize process safety. You’ll learn how ARC can provide full adiabatic thermal runaway information for both temperature and pressure events. You’ll also examine the measuring principle, data analysis and more, in one fast-moving hour. 

You’ll get up to date on: 

The purpose of the ARC test 
The theoretical background of the Heat-Wait-Seek methodology and the Phi factor
Overview of data analysis: TMR (Time to Maximum Rate), ADT24 (Adiabatic Decomposition Temperature), TNR (Temperature of No Return) and SADT (Self Accelerating Decomposition Temperature) 
Heat of reaction

Register via the AIChE webiste