Advanced ARC data analysis using CISP Thermal Safety Series Software

Advanced ARC data analysis using CISP Thermal Safety Series Software


Tuesday 13th April 2021
10am BST UK | 11am CEST Europe | 2.30 pm IST India

If you can't attend live, a recording will be made avaiable to all registered delegates. This free webinar in association with CISP will draw attention to numerous details of adiabatic experiment that are often neglected in the routine practice but can have dramatic effect on the correctness of the results.
Presentation will cover
Interpretation and processing of Pressure data
•    Composition of pressure response and why should we separate the components
•    Peculiarities of data correction on pad (inert) gas pressure
•    Evaluation of vapor pressure: related problems, approximate character of the procedure, possible method for validation
•    Effect of Void volume variation due to sample and bomb thermal expansion

HWS data - why and when should we include it into consideration
•    Obvious reason - gives necessary info for Pv estimation
•    Less obvious reasons: Gas generation is detected before the onset | Reaction decelerates right after the onset | Uncertainty of initial conversion at the onset | Multiple HWS fragments

Features of Phi-factor
•    Constant vs. variable: obvious reasons of phi variability
•    Methods for data correction on thermal inertia
•    Effect of phi variation on the results

What to do when simplified correction fails.
Studying reactions with high energy release - problems and possible solution
How to get preliminary ideas about possible reaction kinetics.

A PDF copy and recording of the presentation will be sent to all registered delegates after the event.

Speaker: Arcady Kossoy – Director General - CISP

Arcady is a founder and director of CISP and has wealth of experience of methods used for interpreting data from thermal analysis, adiabatic and reaction calorimetry. After gaining his pHD in 1981 from the Russian Scientific Center "Applied Chemistry" he went on to develop software for reaction hazard assessment based on mathematical simulation. Arcady is an active member of the European DIERS group and on the review board for several leading journals including: Thermochimica Acta, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry.