Virtual Battery Users Meeting

Virtual Battery Users Meeting


Tuesday 6th October 2020
2-4pm BST UK | 9-11am EDT USA | 3-5pm CET Europe

An opportunity for you to gain an insight it to the practical use of Adiabatic Calorimetry for battery research. The basic principles of the ARC will be presented as well as latest applications with data examples. The online event is designed for ARC users but is also an educational opportunity for those interested in the technology. The session will consist of two presentations covering ‘ARC Fundamentals’ and ‘Battery ARC Test Design and Analysis’. A live Q&A session will be conducted following the presentations.

2:15pm ARC Fundamentals 
Topics covered will include: -    
• ARC Parameters    
• The importance of calibration 
• How to check the calibration/spot bad calibration    
• Drift checks and onset sensitivity    
• Tracking rates and calorimeter choice    
• Maintenance and care

3:00pm Battery ARC Test Design and Data Analysis
Topics covered will include:-    
• Determining the stability and safety of batteries    
• Determining the effect of heat on Lithium Batteries    
• Measurement of heat release from batteries due to - Charge, Discharge & Cycling / Overcharge & Shorting / Nail Penetration & Crush    
• Determining Battery Efficiency / Thermal Management - Measurement of Heat Capacity - Measuring battery surface temperature distribution  

4:00pm Q & A