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IBCx Isothermal Battery Calorimeter

Introducing IBCx: An innovative modular isothermal battery calorimeter delivering with precise thermal control for optimal battery characterisation and performance modelling.

The IBCx when used with an external cycler provides accurate and easy testing of battery heat output from charging and discharging.

Cell temperature is kept constant, regardless of the C-rate. The amount of heat generated by the battery is then determined throughout the charge and discharge cycle. The standard system accommodates pouch and prismatic cells. Adaptors are available for cylindrical cells.

The IBCx allows for characterisation of battery heat at different operating temperatures and C-rates, thereby providing information on battery performance, efficiency and life cycle.

NOTE: The IBCx is not appropriate for safety abuse testing when battery disintegration or high temperatures may result.

Cell format: Multiformat

  • Sample Chamber for pouch or prismatic cells up to 45cm x15cm x4cm
  • Adapters for 18650, 21700 or 4690/95
  • Temperature range: -10°C to 60°C
  • Accurate heat measurement down to 200mW over temperature range
  • Wide dynamic range up to 310W
  • Suitable for heat capacity measurement, cycling (external cycler required) and isothermal tests


  • Data shows charge and discharge cycles for a
    26Ah pouch cell cycled at 0.5C (13A), with 2 hour
    rests, between 4.2V and 2.8V


Revision Date: 18/05/2022