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Micro Reaction Calorimeter

Titration calorimetry, isothermal calorimetry and differential scanning calorimetry.

An all in one instrument

THT offers the micro reaction calorimeter uRC™ with µW sensitivity and 1.5ml disposable vials. This system gives rapid determination of both exothermic and endothermic reaction enthalpies. The use of a computer controlled addition syringe allows highly accurate and repeated titration of reagents.

Versatile and flexible uRC accomplishes most of the tasks of a large volume reaction calorimeter – but faster, simpler, cheaper and safer.

The micro reaction calorimeter μRC from Thermal Hazard Technology (THT), performs isothermal, step-isothermal, temperature scanning and titration studies as well as having the capacity to stir liquid reaction media. Options for pressure measurement, solid addition and gas flow are available.

The small sample requirement (up to 1.5ml) permits rapid temperature changes because the relatively small heat sink reaches thermal equilibrium very quickly. A stable baseline and temperature change is typically achieved within 20 minutes. The μRC Peltier modules control the sample temperature over the temperature range of –20 to 170°C requiring no external chillers or liquid nitrogen cooling.

Areas of application

  • Heat capacity determination
  • Process development
  • Thermal stability 
  • Enthalpy of solution by solid addition
  • Hydrogenation and gas flow
  • Simultaneous titraiton and pressure measurement

Revision Date: 18/05/2022