Chemical Services

Whether you have a large or small number of samples to be tested THT offer a commercial service on all our products.

Chemical Contract Testing

Process Safety, Hazard Evaluation & Thermal Stability

ARC Testing

Collect time, temperature and pressure data of any exothermic reaction in a confined adiabatic environment

•   Low Phi and fast tracking

•   Cryogenic and sub-ambient

•   Stirring and dosing

•   Gas collection and scrubbing

•   Phi correction

RSD Testing

Rapid screening for exothermic reaction hazards. Measure up to 6 samples simultaneously

•   Follow any decomposition or reaction process

•   Accurate measurement of both temperature & pressure over a wide range

•   Cryogenic / sub-ambient

•   Stirring and dosing

µRC Testing

Versatile and flexible, the µRC accomplishes most of the tasks of a large volume reaction calorimeter, faster, simpler, cheaper and safer.

•   Hazard analysis

•   Thermal stability

•   Heat capacity (Cp) determiantion

•   Reaction kinetics