Rapid Screening Device

A cost-effective calorimeter for screening samples for exothermic reaction hazards

Measure up to 6 simultaneously

Rapid Screening Device

THT RSD™ (Rapid Screening Device) low cost, versatile, and flexible, safety calorimeter for thermal and pressure hazard determination over a wide temperature range. Using temperature ramp methods with isothermal soak options this new system utilises unique technologies to quickly obtain temperature, pressure and heat of reaction data.


  • Multiple samples (up to 6 simultaneously)
  • Pressure & temperature differential measurement (simultaneously)
  • 10mg to 100g sample
  • 30 minute test time
  • High sensitivity (detects 1% DTBP in toluene)
  • Thermo-kinetic quantitative data analysis
  • Glass, metal, reusable sample chambers

High sensitivity Testing of DTBP Samples


Temperature Range:
-140 to 400°C

Number of Samples
1 to 6

Pressure Range:
0 to 160 bar

Modes of Operation:
Isothermal or scanning

Scan Rate:
0 - 10°C / min

Dedicated Windows based control and data analysis software through USB link to PC

PC Requirements:
Microsoft Windows
USB Port

70cm x 43cm x 40cm
(width x height x depth)


THT provide a range of inexpensive options to enhance performance

Cryogenic operation



Safe gas release



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A full range of spares and consumables are available from our eshop

The RSD allows operation with inexpensive pressure transducers in the range up to 160 bar. The sample containers range from disposable HPLC vials through metal tubes ARC bombs for screw top cylinders holders that can take internal support.

Other spares include sample holder heads and miscellaneous low cost consumables.

Sample Test

Whether you have a large number of samples to be tested or simply require quick and cost effective indication of material reactivity the THT Rapid Screening Device offers unbeatable
performance at a realistic cost.

THT can offer RSD™ testing as part of the sample testing and consultancy services package.  Providing information about any decomposition or reaction process, material screening is a vital part of any thermal analysis process.  The RSD™ allows accurate determination of both temperature and pressure data over a wide temperature range with the advantage that pressure measurement is fully padded!

As with all THT services we provide a full report and promise a rapid turn-around with confidentiality and a price conscious approach.

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